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Importance of different types of makeup brushes



makeup brushes

Over the several years, there has been a wide range of makeup brushes, from mascara to eyeliners. However, for you to apply your beauty product effectively throughout the day and ensure its even application all over on face and eyes, it is important that you know about different types of makeup brushes.


1)     Right Angle Blush Brush:

It’s a round shape makeup brush with bristles made up mostly of metal. Particularly, it is like a pan and has soft bristles so that you can pick the right shade without causing any harm to your skin instead of adding harshness.


2)     Tapered Blush Brush:

It’s also specifically designed for use with blush application in blending or cutting color. Touching into foundation gives an even color throughout the body all over, including eyeshadow blended softly into cheekbone and chest. You will achieve very impressive results with a good quality brush especially tapered blush brushes as they are designed to be applied in blending or cutting color basic and effortlessly.


3)     Forehead Blush Brush: 

It is similar to body and contour contouring blushers which appear at the side of your cheeks to bring out your features like forehead, nose, and chin. They enable you to allow very precise control over application so that it develops an even reflective edge for you to have a flawless look over the face.


4)     Powder Brush: 

Brushes with soft bristles will enable you to break down the product after applying it to the skin but use the harder tool in cleaning off the excess residue left by powder against your complexion so that foundation and other makeup products can be applied as well evenly as possible during the application process. Placing these brushes under hot running water helps them clean better and also removes residues doing this right before making any makeup application like base, foundation, and blush. Good quality powder brushes should be quite simple to clean with the hand soap that you can easily remember from the makeup kit so it works as a quick fix in cleaning these tools off before any makeups are applied. The use of hot water running over wet hairbrushes also helps wash them and remove residue from bristles, allowing cleaner efficient operations during applying product on the skin for better result reasons after all!


5)     Blending Brush: 

This tough-soaked tool is very effective when used with cream or powder blush as it can be easily heavy and sets color even before blending into your skin. Providing a more controlled application, these brushes are useful in creating that flawless shine using Duo Contour Cream Blushers. The soft bristles will reveal face contours surrounding eyes, nose, and chin, which makes you get a smooth, seamless look!


6)     Concealer Brush: 

Concealer is one of the most essential and prominent makeup tools that you need to apply precisely over your blemishes, red spots, and skin dryness allowing it to do its duty so as not only to make certain imperfections look vanish but also build color differently which will counteract dull skin tone with evened-out complexion looking natural. Brushes for concealer are those flexible big downward-pointing bushes used in modifying application on the face by creating a flawless surface to apply concealer on skin.

7)     Powder Brush: 

There are two main types of powder brushes: buffing and bristle combination. The other type is squeezing, which comes with longer, rounded, and flatter ends that allow finer powders to be created by applying controlled pressure across the face making it incredibly soft! Their well-spaced hairs also prevent dense-looking application as they tend to gobble up too much product when applied in all strokes. The bristles also help create air movement while working, thus making the application silky and more comfortable as well as even!


8)     Blush Brush: 

For those who don’t know, only a blush brush will do it right when you’re investing in customizing your skin glow with various shades of color that’s right to give the perfect look depending upon how many are used in order to target specific areas – if opting for three different colors for cheeks or eyes you need to use several different brushes. The perfect tool for achieving the best blush application, blusher is a brush with small rounded bristles used in densely applying pigments that are spent on top-lid and edges of cheekbones, creating attractive highlights!


9)     Eye Shader Brush: 

There’s nothing better than an airbrushed look right? This means a beautiful smoky eye seriously amazing look which can be achieved by using various after-shave products to make your eyes pop in addition to creme eye shadows. You need a good shader brush gently working on eyelids and brow bone lines applying shadow from the inner corner of the eye outwards for that look, thus creating the perfect setting for either smokey or glam looks!

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Why Photochromic Lenses Should Be Your New Sunglasses: 10 Reasons To Switch!



photochromic lenses

Summer is coming, and that means one thing – Sunglasses are a must! But with so many brands and styles to choose from, it can be hard to decide which pair to buy. If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect pair of sunglasses, then you should definitely consider investing in photochromic lenses! These lenses adjust their opacity according to the light around them, transforming into sunglasses when it’s sunny out and back to normal when it’s not. Here are 10 reasons to switch!

 1. They’re Multi-Platform friendly: Photochromic lenses are compatible with both prescription and non-prescription glasses so that anyone can use them!

2. They’re ecofriendly: Unlike traditional sunglasses that require batteries to work, photochromic lenses use energy harvested from the sun to change into their opaque state – making them environmentally friendly!

3. You’ll never have to worry about losing your sunglasses again: With the photochromic lenses on your face and the rotating hardware around them, it’s super easy to find everything again. Plus, they’re completely recyclable.

4. They last much longer than traditional sunglasses: Depending upon use, you can expect approximately 5-10 years of continuous wear out of these types of glasses – sometimes even more if you store them correctly! That’s way better than compromising quality for cheap alternatives that only last a few months.

5. They look great with any outfit: No matter what you’re wearing, photochromic lenses will seamlessly integrate into your style!

6. You can even use them when it’s raining or snowing outside: Like regular sunglasses, photochromic lenses protect your eyes from the elements – but they do so in a way that looks elegant and stylish instead of bulky old-fashioned.

7. They give you the best outcome depending on your prescription: Simply rotate your sunglasses 360 degrees to get instant reversible results at any point in time. In fact, they’re quite easy to calculate! The width of each lens is roughly 2 millimeters – increasing or decreasing this number will result in a correspondingly wider or narrower visual field and thus an increase or decrease, respectively.

8. They wear very comfortably: Due to their adjustable monofocal design, photochromic lenses are flexible enough to adjust over time. So they can grow smaller as you lose sight without sacrificing quality! Plus, once everything is changed correctly, no more needs adjustment in the future.

9. They’re super helpful when it’s dark out: You’ll never have to worry about your glasses covering up a bus passing by or even making an attractive pair of sunglasses on their own with tons of light-filtering features; photochromic offer!

10. They’re the perfect gift for anyone: Whether it’s your best friend or loved one, photochromic sunglasses make a great and unique present – plus, they’re always sure to appreciate something that makes their life easier!

What Are The Different Types Of Photochromic Lenses?

There are several prevalent types of photochromic lenses. Your eye doctor will be able to change the prescription on your glasses, but here’s a list that may help you decide which specific kind appeals most to you!

– UV Photochromic (the original and easiest type) Reversible only based on directionality. This is how they were invented originally by Kodak in 1963. They can go from 100% dark for sunglassed use down to about 66% light for sunny days. However, their quality diminishes the further you go down to light levels, and they require special provisions in your sunglass designed to minimize screen glare (i.e., a curved dark front).

– IR Photochromics Obtain photographic effects by transmitting visible light through an infrared filter. This type of lens was developed later by companies like Burberry, Oakley, Nike, and others as it offers more adjustable light resistance and is virtually scratch-proof.

Protective Photochromics Extremally thinner photochromic lenses are designed to protect against UV rays (and prevent over contacting!).

What If My Sunglasses Don’t Have Photochromic Lenses?

If you’d rather not go the photochromic route, there are a few other options available to you! Most eyeglasses companies offer polarized lenses that darken and lighten with the sun. Additionally, many sunglasses have “shade” glass sets that can be attached overtop of your regular glasses in order to provide some degree of darkness (depending on where you live, shade times may vary!).


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Home Improvement

How to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean



How to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

Owning a swimming pool can be a really fun way to keep cool during the summer months. However, keeping it clean requires hard work, especially if you want to keep it crystal clear all year long. If you ignore pool maintenance, the water can quickly turn hazy, cloudy, and even green. We have listed down some tips to keep your swimming pool clean to make this job easier for you. So let’s get started!

1. Maintain the pH value in your pool

The pH value reflects the level of acidity in the water. As a general rule, the lower the pH value of the water, the better the disinfection will be in your pool. But this doesn’t mean you should drastically minimize the pH value of your pool. The water must also remain healthy for the skin. The ideal value of swimming water is between 7.1 and 7.6. The value 7 means the water is neutral. Increasing the value will make the water basic, and decreasing it means the water is acidic. You can use test strips to keep a check on your swimming pool and read pH raisers’ guidelines before applying them.

2. Pool location is important

You should think carefully about where you place your swimming pool. How do you determine this? Well, you shouldn’t put your pool near a large tree because everything dropping from the tree will find its place in the pool. This will unnecessarily increase your workload. To avoid this, place the pool in a free environment where sun rays come, making swimming more pleasant.

3. Cover the pool when not in use

Another important measure to keep your pool clean is to place a cover on your pool when no one is using it. This will prevent dirt, leaves, and insects from getting into the water. The pool cover will also ensure no child uses the pool unsupervised and prevent hazardous incidents from happening.

4. Use tap water to fill your pool

To keep you and your loved ones safe, always use the tap water to fill the pool. That’s because ground or well water may contain substances that can damage the pool when coming into contact with chlorine.

5. Be careful with chlorine

We use chlorine to keep the pool clear and clean. But you must use them with caution. Too much chlorine is harmful to your and your family’s health. Follow the directions before using the chemicals. The standard value of chlorine level should be between 1ppm/liter and 2ppm/liter. You may increase it to 3ppm/liter if there are algae in your pool. Try using the test strips to measure the chlorine levels because excessive chlorine will not do any good. The increased amount of chlorine can cause odor and irritation to the eyes. Therefore, make sure you follow the guidelines mentioned with the chlorine products.

If you have any questions or want to upgrade your swimming pool or other areas in your home, feel free to contact the pool builder in Magnolia, TX. At Town & Country Pools, we can design and create your dream backyard. Contact us today and allow our experts to help put your plans into motion.

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All About Women’s Apparels, Women’s winter coats & jackets Style And Fashion



Women's winter coats & jackets

Is it a frightful day outside where you can get the best Women’s winter coats & jackets? Boneshia’s coats for women are beautiful. We have everything you need to be warm and stylish, from classic trench coats to comfy puffer jackets. You’ll find the most up-to-date two women’s jackets

Must-Have Women’s Coats:

Trench Coats are a type of trench coat. How can you stay stylish while it’s raining? Trench coats are an absolute must-have. Looking for a classic look? It’s simple to wear neutral tones. If you want to branch out from beige, try bright hues and patterned Trench Coats For Women.

Jackets made of leather. Do you want to spruce up your wardrobe? Women’s leather jackets are exactly what you need. Your new best friend will be a moto or bomber jacket. Wear them with your favorite tee and jeans or layered over a dress for a stylish appearance. Don’t forget to combine your leather jacket with a pair of sultry shoes.

Puffer Coats are a type of coat that has a lot of puff. Are you looking for a new winter coat for women? Incorporate a puffer coat into your cold-weather wardrobe. Look for hooded styles with faux-fur trim for extra warmth. Do you want to be on-trend in winter? Choose a high-shine alternative to make a statement. Remember to match your puffer coat with fresh winter boots.

Women’s winter coats & jackets made of faux fur. Are you looking to upgrade your outerwear? Right now, faux-fur coats are all the rage. These on-trend coats, which include vibrant colors and motifs, are what all the influencers are sporting. Your new faux-fur coat will delight you with its velvety feel and luxurious appearance.

Coats are made of a wool-blend material. Do you need to brush up on your fundamentals? Wool-blend coats are wardrobe essentials. Combine your casual outfits with a peacoat. You’ll prefer a lengthier style for more formal situations. Do you want to add some glitz to your outfit? Invest in a wool-blend coat with a stylish wrap style. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and patterns.

Coats with a quilted pattern. Which coats are ideal for the changing seasons? Quilted coats are perfect for chilly fall and spring days. You’ll appreciate how they provide just enough warmth without overheating. Its classic design will add elegance to any ensemble, from jeans to dresses.

Coats with anoraks. How do you fight the elements while remaining fashionable? On rainy and windy days, bring an anorak. These hooded coats with a sporty shape are perfect for your more casual outfits. Add rainboots, and you’re ready to go.

Plaid Coats, Plaid Coats, Plaid Coats, Pl Are you looking for a patterned coat that will never go out of style? Check out plaid coats for a look that will never go out of style. Plaid adds instant flair to your fashion playlist, from peacoats to maxi coats.

Women’s winter coats & jackets

women’s genuine leather coats & jackets

When we see someone wearing a stylish leather jacket on the street, we can’t help but give them a second glance and admire their sense of taste. It’s incredible how one piece of apparel quickly improves one’s look.

Leather jackets are one of the best investments you can make for your fall and winter wardrobe. With their sleek look and modern finishing, they help you make a style statement like no other and instantly set you apart from the crowd. Apart from that, they are versatile enough to be worn with a wide range of outfits.

Many variations in contemporary leather jacket designs have resulted from fashion advances. Pilots and military originally wore the ritzy fashion necessity that refines a person’s style in the early 1900s.

Leather jackets in various colors, patterns, and shapes are now available. Depending on your costume needs, you can choose from various essential or adorned jackets. We’ve also got you covered if you’re looking for some clever ways to wear your leather jacket.

With the style advice we are about to give you, you can carry the classic fashion essentials in several ways and make heads turn!


Ask any fashion-savvy person about which type of leather jacket is the most simple yet the classiest? And you will definitely hear the reply, “the bomber jacket.”

The Bomber Jacket is the original style aviators use, and it is unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. It not only makes a striking fashion statement, but it also keeps you warm in the cold. It also gives you a plethora of styling options.

For a dapper look, combine the flexible jacket with a basic white tee and your favorite pair of jeans. It’s also appropriate to wear chinos. The BoneshiaShop’s Brown Bomber Leather Jacket for guys will give you the stylish trendsetter appearance you want. The brown color lends a vintage feel to the jacket, and the simple pattern makes it easy to match with any outfit.


These days, it’s fashionable to layer elegant leather jackets over hoodies. It’s the traditional winter ensemble that looks great on everyone. This is your go-to combination when you need to convey a subtle yet sophisticated look.

The sophisticated casual attire is ideal for the severe winters because the hoodie and jacket are thick outer layers. It will keep you warm while also making a fashionable statement.

This youthful style is appropriate for college or a lunch date. Choose a good jacket because hoodie material is typically thick and might result in a lumpy appearance if done incorrectly. The Exquisite Boneshia women’s Leather Jacket With A Shirt Collar is a fantastic alternative. The sleek design and rich color of this jacket will help you pull off the hoodie look with panache.


The key motivation for purchasing a leather jacket is to appear magnificent. With the leather jacket, which is connected with grace and grandeur, we wish to spice up our style sense. What could be more spectacular than a simple leather jacket? Obviously, a leather jacket with fur! Boneshia Shop’s excellent Women Black Genuine Leather Jacket With White Fur Collar is a must-have for your fall and winter wardrobe. This elegant leather jacket can be worn with traditional khakis or layered over a dark-colored turtleneck and blue jeans.


Stylish leather jackets’ adaptability and sensation aren’t confined to man. It’s also a must-have for any fashion diva’s winter outfit. Unlike men’s coats, which exude masculinity, leather jackets for women come in smooth, feminine cuts and styles.

Take, for example, the Leather Skin Shop’s exclusive Women Sky Blue Studded Leather Jacket. For fashionistas looking to make a luxurious style statement, high-quality jackets with studs are all the rage these days.

You can build an opulent all-leather costume with this sky blue jacket and black leather pants. Wear a leather pencil skirt underneath for a seductive effect. This jacket would also look great with a pair of skinny white pants.

This jacket’s color will let you create multiple outfits in eye-soothing combinations, which is the desired look for fall. Almost any look with this jacket will be trendy, as well as lavish, setting you apart from the crowd.


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